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Accepting Credit Cards Just Got Easier

PayCafe was founded on the principle that your credit card payments should be easy, consistent, and dependable. The payment processing industry is notorious for minimal reporting, poor transparency, and mediocre support. We saw a need in the industry for a credit card payment solution to reduce the complexity of your businesses.

The payment processing industry has been pretty static for many years. Companies have come around with technologies to enhance aspects of your credit card payment infrastructure, but require integration and management. To solve these issues, we have combined a robust credit card payment solution, shopping cart, security, fraud protection, real-time reporting, dispute resolution systems, and customer service.

We focus on making your credit card payments easier, secure, reliable, and cost-effective so you can focus on running your business. Today, PayCafe’s merchants can be confident in their payment solution whether they are selling online, in retail stores, or even on the go.

Power success for brands

Our purpose at PayCafe is to power success for brands. That goes beyond creating the best commerce platform on the market; it means revolutionizing the way people shop, work and live.

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Your Business Has Evolved — So Should Your Payment Processing

PayCafe delivers powerful credit card payment solutions for the modern business. Long gone are the days when a business would piece together their payments infrastructure; we deliver everything you need.

Everything you need to accept payments

While other solutions require additional integration for basic features, we have hundreds of features to accept credit card payments, whether you’re selling online, in retail stores, or even on the go.

We adapt to unique business needs

We understand that your business may have unique payment processing needs. We work with our merchants to integrate our systems with their existing business infrastructure and third-party solutions.

Our frequent technology updates

We deliver frequent and reliable system updates automatically to all of our merchants to keep their payment processing up to date with the latest eCommerce technologies.

We offer the best technical support 24x7x365

Unlike other payment processors that offer limited support or none at all, our customers have around-the-clock access to a team of eCommerce experts to help them when needed.

Meet the PayCafe Team

Our purpose at PayCafe is to deliver powerful credit card payment solutions to businesses whether they are selling online, in retail stores, or even on the go.


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From Whole Foods to one-of-a-kind boutiques, PayCafe supports businesses of all types and sizes.

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