We Make Fighting Credit Card Disputes Easy

Anyone that has received a credit card transaction dispute understands how frustrating it can be, especially when you did everything right.
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Win More Credit Card Disputes

Credit card disputes will challenge your business, but responding should be hassle-free. Our system makes it fast and easy to get a dispute response created.

PayCafe Makes Fighting Credit Card Disputes Easy

Our credit card dispute system makes it simple to create a dispute response with just a few clicks.

Win More Disputes

PayCafe merchants will be able to win more disputes by creating dispute responses faster and with more detail to prove your side of the story.

Always Know Where you Stand

Hopefully you won’t get any credit card disputes, but if you do, it’s important to keep track of all the details and analytics. Our dispute system records everything for you, so you can move on with running your business.

Dispute Response Done Right

Leave the hard work of credit card disputes to us. Don’t spend time compiling documents and preparing tailored responses.

Take advantage of our data

Take Advantage of Our Data

We collect a massive amount of information about each transaction. PayCafe merchants will be able to leverage our data to win more disputes.

Over 300 Data Points

Dispute Early Warning System

The best credit card dispute is the one you never get. We have integrated industry-leading dispute alert systems so transactions can be mitigated before they ever become a dispute.